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Don’t love her to get something in return, but love her because you actually do.

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I do

Show me love, I don’t want to hear it. I’m a visual learner.

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You deserve better. I have done way too much to hurt you. And I do it over and over again. I am sorry for the fights and the times I have hurt you. I am not all in it and that’s my fault. Not yours. Nothing is your fault. I will always remember you and I do not regret us at all. I am so happy to have had you in my life for so long. You have been a blessing and I am so sorry I haven’t made you feel that way. You need someone who is committed to not hurting you someone who doesnt shy away and hurt you so much. I apologize that’s not me. I really do care for you and I am here for you. But enough is enough I can’t keep hurting you, it is pointless. The make ups were awesome but that is not what you deserve or need. I am just disrespectful to you by doing everything and I will always be sorry for that. You have no clue. I Promise I will be here for you. I swear. I hope for the best because you are going to make some lucky guy out there so happy. It hurts me to say that but it is only to make you happy in the long run. You can’t allow me to try and get you back down the road if I do either. I have mistreated you so many times and just torn you apart. I will always have that feeling for you sara I will. I am so sorry. I really am. Talk to you in a few days or so. You are really a special person and you do love unconditionally. Keep doing that because that’s what everyone desires in someone. Please please I swear to you that nothing is your fault. It is all me and my head. I have proven that for about the 3rd time now. I swear on everything. I promise.


Don’t allow someone to continuously walk all over you.
You deserve better.